Sunday, November 30, 2008

To Do List

I've been wanting to get all my duckies lined up in terms of what I am making for whom, etc...
This morning, after reading Jenn's post, I am now completely inspired to do so. It was hard to separate what I really NEED to make from what I WANT to make, but I think this is pretty much it, realistically speaking. My fantasy list is much longer, of course. I've been compiling links like crazy for many different types of tutorials. All the usual suspects and many others are exceptional. But WhipUp is colossal with their compilations and categories. I mean, they post an all out list like this a few times a week. Really!
1)Aunt Kathy's Silk Scarf- My aunt has extravagant taste, which has made it difficult in the past for me to actually make her something. But I think she'll love this scarf!
I love it, too...And I LUV this photo. For some reason, since I first saw it, I keep coming back to it and looking at it. I think I love the colors and the girl's style.
The tutorial looks basic enough. I can't wait to go pick out the fabric!

2)Photo Journals for extended family members- I'll finally get to print out many of the photos I store on my camera and computer to make some lovely little books. I'm going to bundle them in little sets along with these pens I'm so fond of.

3) For packaging baked goods - There's this wacky gift...Record Bowls! Such a throw-back from the 70's but I love 'em. I have a ton of old records and I think these will be perfect for gifting baked goods for several family members who appreciate kitsch.

That is pretty much most of what I NEED to do to finish my gift list. Not too bad, right?
Then of course, there are so many things I want to make just because!

Oh, I almost forgot these clever little bookmarks. These would be great for a stocking stuffer or gifting along with a good read for your favorite bookworm!

Last night I basically crafted all night while watching The Empire Strikes Back. Each time I see that movie, I love it more and more! I finished up some ornaments and completed a

swatch portrait topped with a vintage button for Cub's Nana. Also, for Nana and Baba, I'm in the process of making a Victorian Silhouette of Girl Cub. I'll share everything soon. Promise!

Also, I've got a vintage ornament collection post and a gift-wrapping ideas post coming soon.

Yay for holiday preliminaries!!!


J for Jendetta said...

Hey there!!! I love the bookmark idea!!! I so wish I could only do crafts. After I get my MA done, (i need to do it ASAP), let's talk about our futures!! love you! going to check out the Alice Austen House fair! xo

Jojo said...

I am keeping the gift giving so simple this year and the only "make it" item will be the vanilla sugar that I am making for my neighbors. It sounded scrumptious when you posted about it a few weeks ago. After that I went and bought the vanilla beans and filled an airtight container with sugar and beans. This is a gift that I think my neighbors will love. One of them is a beekeeper and he always gives us honey.