Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On Pumpinks and Pens...

I had what I consider to be a deliciously decadent after(work)noon.
Around holiday time, I set aside one day a week to take care of "Elfin activities" all by myself. It is so much fun to go off alone, to wander here and there in search of fabulous goodies for everyone...myself included! This afternoon, I went and had a mug of hot cider in celebration of the crispy cold air. It was a successful outing, mainly because I scored several copies of this AMAZING book to give as gifts to my adorably bratty female cousins (and a copy for me, too!).
After returning home, I was immediately inspired by this girl (as usual). I have wanted to make my own pumpkin to use in pies and soups and all the other autumnal goodies for much too long! What's been holding me back? Who knows. But tonight, me and my faithful sous-chef
are transforming that tired Halloween pumpkin into:

Pumpkin puree and these roasted pumpkin seeds. Just like her Mama, Cub loves any and all roasted seeds. I told ya she has my tastebuds! The pumpkin is still roasting at 450 degrees as I write. When it is done, according to directions, I will puree it and it will be good to go! Hopefully, it will make enough for the pumpkin pie I will bake and bring to Grandma's next week for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.
Last night, I stayed up way past my usual 11pm bedtime researching more crafty ideas for holiday gifts. I found this clever and easy tutorial and I have already started searching for all of those old Bics so I can make these ASAP. I think they will go perfectly with the photo journal gifts I am planning.
Check out One Pearl Button's Paper-Covered Pen tutorial
right here!
Tonight, I'm working on finishing a felt flower pin for Cub and colorful bracelets using Kristin's paper-mache beads. I'll have a show-and-tell tomorrow. Promise.


J for Jendetta said...

so so cool!

MySweetThree said...

Those pens look like they would be a fun project...mmmmmm to the roasted pumkin seeds.. and I love the smell of pumpkin pie baking and love to look at it. But, it stops right there. lol, pumpkin pie is one of those foods that I want to like, but, for some reason..I don't. I wish I liked Lemon meringue pie too, among other things..I'm rambling. ooh, but give me a pecan pie and I will finish every last bite, without feeling one bit sorry about it!