Sunday, November 2, 2008

Consider this two posts in one!

In solidarity with November being National Blogger Month, I just signed-up with NaBloPoMo.
However, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, really. If you sign on, you are supposed to post an entry daily during the month of November. No problem there, except I think they want you to post over on their site. Being the territorial Taurus that I am, I think I'm going to keep it over her. I hope that will still count for somethin'!
I would have had a post yesterday, but my camera battery died and I wasn't able to download any photos of our sweet Halloween. Cub was still getting over being sick, so we didn't get to the party over in Ft. Wadsworth, just home after trick-or-treating, which was fine by this tired Mama. Later in the evening, I did get to watch Phantasm, which was pretty good. I didn't want anything too scary and I do love my seventies horror flicks, so it was perfect.
Now to completely shift gears, yesterday was a day filled with early morning errands, a visit from my best-friend, and lots of thrifted and library books. We brought the above gem home from the library. When I find something extraordinary, I like to share the love with others.
So, let me introduce one of my favorite children's picture books. I think it's my favorite title, hands down. I had completely forgotten about this one, until recently. I was doing some research online for preschool books and saw this on many lists. I immediately reserved it at our local library and voile! It was read twice last night, enjoyed immensely and had Cub and I both in stitches, which is always a great way to go off to sleep!
I won't say too much about it, just that I think the illustrations are so beautiful and reminiscent of comic book art and the story is different and special.
Happy Sunday. We are still nursing candy hangovers today!

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Girl Land said...

I bought this for Q when she was still in my tummy. T'was a fave of mine, too, as a kid. We read it lots. Apparently, Martha Stewart's nephew read part of it at Martha's mother's funeral-- the part about being able to smell the mashed potatoes and butter at the end. :) xo