Friday, November 21, 2008

The Turkey Trot

Today was the Thanksgiving show at Cub's preschool. Both her daddy and I went and were lucky enough to score front row seats. As usual, it was adorable. After four years, I am still as wide-eyed as ever, watching the children sit in their chairs, formed in a semi-circle and singing so sweetly. We even participated in the "Turkey Trot," which was a holiday version of the Hokey Pokey. What you do for your kids, I tell ya!
Before becoming a high school English teacher, I taught pre-k for eight years. Two of them in Portland, the rest in Upstate NY. I loved it and sometimes wonder if I should go back, but then it's back to reality and the fact that I now have to support the two of us. Also, I live and breathe to read and write. And it may sound crazy, but I do thoroughly enjoy the age group I teach very much. They keep me on my toes, entertained, and inspired...all at the same time!
Well...I'm back again. In the middle of this post Cub had horrible projectile vomiting! Oh, how I hate the vomits. Give me anything BUT that. She soaked through all three of her blankets, sheets, and her mattress. Not to mention the walls and floor. Eww. Sorry to be so graphic with it. It's now after 9pm. Just what I needed after this super long day. I'm so tired.
My poor Girl. I hope this is the end of it all. She's finally sleeping peacefully.

On the crafty front, plastic bags are another thing I store in the hundreds underneath my kitchen sink. I wish I knew how to crochet with them, because I think that is just the
coolest thing ever...But take a look at the pom-pom topping this sweet package. Right on, Target bags. Got 'em by the truckloads. You can find out how to make one right here.

I've been trying to come up with cute and creative ideas for holiday giftwrap using only what I have. So, this might be a fresh touch.


Renee said...

You're too sweet! Thank you! I LOVE the pom pom - I think I will try that!

I also sing a Turkey version of the Hokey Pokey but I call it the Turkey Lurkey! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

MySweetThree said...

I look forward to these moments with my girls...okay, well, maybe not the projectile vomiting part, lol...but the sweet school shows...oh..I just know I am going to cry many a tear watching my girls grow, learn, and even participate in school activities!! You are such a sweet mommy..Cub is so blessed to have you as hers..