Thursday, November 13, 2008


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The rain and cold have left me feeling groggy tonight, not much like posting. But I'm in for the long haul that is NaBloPoMo. I said I would and so I am!

While browsing around on tastespotting this evening, the above photo caught my eye. Deliciousdays had the inspiration I'd been looking for...these delicious frosted cookies and a "To Do Before Christmas List." Funny, I've been thinking about frosted cookies for the holidays since last year. Pink frosting makes everything look so tasty, too.

1. Make these cloth napkins for Cub's Nana and Auntie. I absolutely ADORE this fabric. I think Nana will appreciate it, too. I'll order extra yardage for some throw pillow covers for moi!

2. Make the Vanilla Sugar and Hot Chai Tea Mix. These are going to be my Edible gifts this year for extended family on Cub's Daddy's side. There are so many of them and I think this will make things nice and easy for me.

3. Buy some cute little jars for the above gifts. Dollar stores, Baby!

4. Start planning and gathering supplies for the embroidery hoop portraits with vintage buttons...a la Whimsy Love! They are adorable and I have some killer buttons I can't wait to use.

5. Make some handmade journals using those old album covers I've been collecting.

The list could go on for a bit more, but I think I'm done with links for now!

It may seem early, but now is the time to start planning. The holidays will be here before we know it. Also, I didn't really forget about the postcard swap idea. I had lofty dreams for the fall, but if I can get my act together to make about ten winter-themed cards...We may have a postcard swap happening here after all!

Off to read The Monsters of Templeton. I started it last night and it is soooooooo good.

And since I'm thinking ahead...My Weekend Plans: A long walk in the park with Cub to take photos of all the gorgeous leaves as they fall, a long overdue hair cut at the Paul Mitchell Academy (excellent btw for all of you SI people!), Holiday Fair/Grandma's Attic, Farmer's Market, evening mass and Caramel Apples...Finally!


MySweetThree said...

You are in for a fun weekend!! And all of your crafty wonderful. I am starting my list of crafty things to do with the girls...all of the holiday events to attend..I have had plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming month..and I think it is helping me get mentally prepared for the move, making me excited instead of partially dreading it! eek..I'm babbling!! I have enjoyed your daily posts!! I would love for you to keep it up...nugde nudge push!! hee hee!

Jojo said...

I don't think I have ever heard of vanilla sugar but my sister and I had been talking about making perpetual vanilla as gifts this year. Oh I am getting inspired!