Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Creative Meal Solving. Huh?

Doesn't she look smart in her glasses?
Very post-modern Germany, right?
Anyway, after cleaning a zillion dishes last night, tidying up the house as I tend to do midweek, then settling in with the usual mug of tea and some unlikely television, I was finished. Done. No beaded bracelets. I did glue a button on Cub's pin. Does that count?
Tonight, as I was making our vegetarian supper, I had to give myself a psychic pat on the back.
Sometimes, I just have to do that.
I'm setting goals, however mudane, and actually reaching some of them.
Turns out I had been spending insane amounts of money on groceries for us.
Granted, we are both "good eaters," and the fact that I've kinda become creeped-out by restaurants means that almost all of our meals are made at home...But still, $150 a week for
two gals is over the top. Three weeks ago, I set a budget of $80.00 and so far, so good. Okay, I did go over with the REAL maple syrup and flaxseed waffles, but some things I just can't skimp on.
Point is, I've actually been "meal planning." That phrase and concept have always terrified me. I don't know what I'm going to do from one minute to the next, how am I going to plan entire meals? But, I've made a little list before I go shopping of the types of meals I'd like to eat during the week, and I buy only those ingredients. No more trips to the market every day after work. We're not in Europe, after all. (Sigh.)
On nights like tonight, when the obvious things (planned)to make are totally unappealing...I sat for a minute and remembered those tasty vegetable pancakes and that photo of Honey Roasted Squash Joy posted a few days ago. We had a delicious meal.
And she ate all of her veggies.
Other money saving tips that I'm proud of...Making my own shampoo and deoderant and using the minimal amount of "products." Dr. Bronner's is great for so many things around the house. I even use if for fine washables and as an all purpose spray cleaner.
I am also a big fan of cloth napkins and have been for years. Not only are they cute and elegant at the same time, they are lots of fun to make.
Any one else creatively cutting some corners? Please share!

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J for Jendetta said...

such a good mama!! i LOVE that photo, at first I was freaked out until I opened the entry!! HA!